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using ssh to download torrent in a restricted domain

By Dynamic_pravs ·
hi everyone.m new to this dont evaluate me as passive particiapnt.

My Question is:my college network has banned wi-fi for downloading torrents. m using torr as a proxy and i have made proxy settings in bittorent as well as firfox.
but i have heard from someone that ssh can be used to download torrent using software lyk putty in windows and becoming a ssh client..
i have installed putty and i have surfed net about how to use that but i got blurred idea.i m also using RHEL4 installed on vmware machine.tell me the way to use ssh on either of win7 or rhel
Adding that is there some methodology to download torrent without using proxy server?is it really possible with ssh?

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We don't really care whether you are passive or not

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to using ssh to download tor ...

We do however care about the efficient professional execution of our various roles, and so won't help you with this.

If you have a legitimate use for torrents, then talk to the admin about your needs, that's one of the things they are they for. ...
Thye'll have more time to do that if they aren't continually running around trying to figure out why their systems are slow, full of crud, advertising Tranny surprise mpegs, and ther ISP is choking their external internet provision...

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by Dynamic_pravs In reply to We don't really care whet ...

However,thanks for taking out some time and posting a reply to me

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hi tony

by Dynamic_pravs In reply to using ssh to download tor ...

this not at all about contacting admin.i can download at more than 1 mbps in my college wifi network.thing is how i can open and download torrents if dont want to use proxy servers.even with proxy servers my network gives speed about 200-500kbps.but the point is that i have myself operated proxy servers serving some of my i know that how unsecured is that! so i want to know about any other methodology that can provide this facility

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Doesn't matter

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to hi tony

Torrent download speed, is more dependant on how fast the sources are prepared to push it out. If you assign naff all band width it will choke it obviously, but you can't make them upload faster.

On top of that many ISPs are now choking P2P traffic, so they don't look like they are aiding pirates. They make no distinction between the Saucy Sue surprises Bill the bricklayer, ripped Harry Potter, or a linux distro.

You don't want to use proxy servers then don't, you don't want to use the proxy servers set up at your campus, tough, it's not your campus.

Unless I'm talking to the owner...

Try not to assume I'm not some sort of simpleton okay, it's f'ing irritating.

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hi tony

by Dynamic_pravs In reply to Doesn't matter

Sorry i dn mean dat..i was just asking about the possible way

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