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    Using SSL certificate same as Lets Encrypt?


    by rob167 ·

    My client site on GoDaddy servers but using Concrete5 CMS. I can’t get the certificate to apply (even after going through the steps with GD helpdesk). So I used a temporary Lets Encrypt certificate that worked. Can I use commercial (ie purchased) SSL certificates for the site in the same way, using the directory named ‘well-known’ in the root of the server?


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      Yes, you can use commercial purchased SSL certificate in a similar way

      by GwenMyers ·

      In reply to Using SSL certificate same as Lets Encrypt?

      The ‘well-known’ directory in the root of the server is a common location where SSL certificate authorities validate domain ownership during the certificate issuance process.

      When you purchase a commercial SSL certificate, you’ll still need to go through a validation process, which might involve placing a verification file in the ‘well-known’ directory or making specific DNS changes.

      Once the SSL certificate is issued, you’ll install it on your server, usually following instructions provided by the certificate issuer or your hosting provider.

      It’s important to ensure proper installation and configuration of the SSL certificate to ensure your website is secure and visitors’ data is encrypted.

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      compatibility of the commercial SSL certificate

      by alightmotionmodedapk ·

      In reply to Using SSL certificate same as Lets Encrypt?

      I appreciate your insights. I’ll double-check the compatibility of the commercial SSL certificate and review the installation steps. If I encounter any issues, I’ll make sure to share the error messages for more targeted help.

      By the way, if anyone has experience with SSL certificates on Concrete5 CMS, especially in the context of ‘rapy sports,’ please analyze this website. It’s using amazing SSL techniques. Your additional advice would be highly valuable!

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      Reply To: Using SSL certificate same as Lets Encrypt?

      by info.apkmanor ·

      In reply to Using SSL certificate same as Lets Encrypt?

      Certainly! It sounds like you’ve successfully used a temporary Let’s Encrypt certificate on your client’s site hosted on GoDaddy servers with Concrete5 CMS. If you’re considering using a commercial (purchased) SSL certificate, you can follow a similar approach.

      Commercial SSL certificates typically involve a process where you need to prove ownership of the domain. This is often done through the use of a “well-known” directory in the root of the server, just like with Let’s Encrypt.

      Here are the general steps you might take:

      1. **Purchase the SSL Certificate:**
      – Buy an SSL certificate from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA). They will provide you with the necessary files for your certificate.

      2. **Upload Certificate Files:**
      – Once you receive the certificate files from the CA, you’ll need to upload them to your server. This might involve accessing your hosting provider’s control panel or using an FTP client.

      3. **Configure Concrete5:**
      – Update the Concrete5 CMS settings to use the new SSL certificate. This might involve going to the CMS settings or updating the configuration files. Check the Concrete5 documentation for specific instructions.

      4. **Verify Ownership:**
      – Some CAs might require additional steps to verify ownership. This could involve placing a file in the “well-known” directory on your server, just as you did with Let’s Encrypt.

      5. **Test the SSL Certificate:**
      – After configuring the certificate, test the SSL setup to ensure it’s working correctly. You can use online tools or browser extensions to check for SSL/TLS issues.

      Remember to backup your site and any critical data before making changes to ensure you can easily revert if something goes wrong. If you encounter any issues during the process, reaching out to the SSL certificate provider’s support or GoDaddy’s support for assistance is advisable.

      I personally use SSL certificate for my own website.
      Always refer to the specific documentation provided by your SSL certificate provider, Concrete5 CMS, and GoDaddy for detailed and accurate instructions based on their latest features and configurations.

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      Using SSL certificate same as Lets Encrypt?

      by sehartalokar ·

      In reply to Using SSL certificate same as Lets Encrypt?

      Unfortunately, using the “well-known” directory method to install a commercial SSL certificate on your Concrete5 site hosted on GoDaddy servers in the way you describe may not be possible. While Let’s Encrypt offers free certificates through “well-known” directory validation, most commercial certificate authorities require different validation methods that wouldn’t work with this approach.

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      Using Commercial SSL Certificates with Concrete5 CMS on GoDaddy Servers

      by john devil ·

      In reply to Using SSL certificate same as Lets Encrypt?

      Yes, you can use a commercially purchased SSL certificate on your GoDaddy server with Concrete5 CMS by following the same process as you did with the temporary Let’s Encrypt certificate, including placing the necessary files in the ‘well-known’ directory in the root of the server.

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