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My windows was working good before I installed a program called XP Repair Pro. I made a system restore point before using that program but after I ran it I realized that I couldn't access my computer data including my desktop. When windoows xp boot screen passes, the welcome screen appears without writing "welcome" on it and it freezes (but you can move the mouse pointer). Do you know a program to access the system from another computer(network)? How can I access my system restore point to roll back my sytem?

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by ICB's corner In reply to USING SYSTEM RESTORE IN T ...

Use Windows console from Windows XP CD. Boot from CD and choose repair when you are invited.
Also you can use ERD Commander 2005 from Winternal.

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by robo_dev In reply to USING SYSTEM RESTORE IN T ...

Press f8 repeatedly to start in safe mode and attempt to the use last known good configuration.

You can run system restore in safe mode, and even from a command prompt if needed.

Don't start messing with recovery console unless you have a fresh backup.

The easiest way to do a backup in this state is to either use a boot-CD like the BartPE CD ( , or to mount the drive as a secondary drive in a working machine.

Also, you could load a forensics CD like Helix and backup the drive using netcat over the lan (slow, but reliable)

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My system is still unreachable in safe mode (so I can't access my system restore point in safe mode)

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