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Using Terminal Server 2003 with Dual Monitors

By skywalker_al ·
Using dual monitors with Terminal Server 2003
I have a problem. Our users have dual monitors at their desktop, but when they connect to our terminal server, they cannot use their secondary monitor. Does anybody know a way to make this work? I have searched the net and Microsoft for any answers and have found none.


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by BFilmFan In reply to Using Terminal Server 200 ...

Which video card are the systems using? I've not seen that issue in the past, and have 4 people in the architecture section use dual monitors with TS 2003.

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by skywalker_al In reply to

Using a Jaton MX440 GeForce 4 158PCI 64Twin.
XP Pro at the desktop.

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by kimdudley311 In reply to Using Terminal Server 200 ...

I'd like to know how to configure them as well, we have 2 offices on terminal server, and have started buying computers with support for dual monitors.

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by skywalker_al In reply to

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by teckwitt In reply to Using Terminal Server 200 ...

I have been looking at this for some time since I am in the same boat. The Terminal Server and Remote Desktop Client are not dual monitor aware by design. The best I have been able get is a linux workstation with a dual head card will spread the desktop across both monitors and Citrix will do the same thing so that you can run applications similar to a dual monitor stand alone Windows machine with application in reduced mode adjusted to the screen.
Another option I am working on now is to use Citrix and publish the programs as seamless applications which works fine for dual moniors. Seamless applications though do not play well with my Netware client so I have a couple things to iron out with that (Samba shares on a Suse machine with Windows login scripts should do the trick and get rid of the Netware file server).

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by joew In reply to

It's rather easy, we've been doing this for years....
1) Go to Start Menu
2) Go to Programs
3) Go to Accesories
4) Go to Communications
5) Select Remote Desktop Connection
6) Enter the Computer name or IP address
7) Click Options
Under the General tab:
Enter the Computer name or IP address
Enter the User name, password, and domain
9) Under the Display tab:
Choose "More" under Full Screen
Choose proper colors configuration
Check "Display the connection bar etc"
10)Under the Local Resources tab:
Select the proper options such as:
Bringing Server sound to client
Connecting to printers, drives, port, etc.
11)Under the Programs tab:
Select a program to run upon login if
12)Under the Experience tab:
Select the proper options

When all done, go back to the General tab:
1) Click "Save As"
2) Name the Remote Desktop Profile
3) Save in best location
(We use the desktop - point & click)

Now, click the RDP to open the client. If need be, enter the server name, user name and/or password.

We usually open the right instance first, then the left, but it doesn't matter.

When you open the first instance, click the push pin at the top left of the connection bar at the top of the screen. It will look like a push pin as viewed from the side.

Now, click the Zoom button (middle of 3) on the right end of the connection bar. This will make the window small. Now drag the connection bar to the right monitor, click the Zoom button again - this should maximize the window. Now click the push pin again, and there you are.

Now you should be able to go to the RDP and open the next instance with no problems on the left monitor.

I hope this is what everyone is asking.

If anyone figures out how to tell Terminal Server to keep one RDP on the right monitor, and one on the left, please let me know.

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by jellis In reply to Using Terminal Server 200 ...

Recently implemented Citrix specifically to support dual monitors. Some very slight quirks (such as windows messages are split between the two monitors) that we may or may not be able to resolve, if they're worth the effort. Although, Citrix doesn't seem to be child's play.

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new remote terminal client

by techmichelle In reply to Using Terminal Server 200 ...

With the new remote terminal client you can use the /span feature to span a single desktop across two monitors.

Not as nice as true multi monitors.


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Dual Monitors with Terminal Server

by johndurand385 In reply to Using Terminal Server 200 ...

If you stat the remote session by typing mstsc.exe/span from a command prompt, this will launch the remote desktop and when it connects to your terminal Server, you'll have the use of dual monitors.

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Dual monitors with Terminal Server

by johndurand385 In reply to Using Terminal Server 200 ...

start the rdp session by typing mstsc.exe/span. Using the/span setting will allow multiple monitors

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