Using the computer unnoticed?

By jcwfbi ·
I worked with a guy recently that enlightened me on something interesting and trying to find out how it was done. Basically he said one of the guys on our team was able to change something on the computer so that the mgmt couldn't see where he went on the internet or what program he used on the computer. Since i watch an infrastructure now I would like to know how something like this is possible? Anyone seen any setting like this? Thanks..

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That would entirely depend on what is being monitored

by seanferd In reply to Using the computer unnoti ...

and how.

Obviously this person has admin privileges on the machine. With that, you can do most anything unless there is serious network lockdown.

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This sounds more like...

by RayFoxxe In reply to Using the computer unnoti ...

Key logging and computer logging.

You can install some programs that logs everything that the computer does. Some just gives you a text log of what programs are accessed, what websites were opened, what files are tampered, etc. Some records the computer's activity and screen, others just takes screenshots, there are many different programs that can be used for computer monitoring and logging. But I will not get into what are the names of such programs.

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Bypassing Proxy

by dogknees In reply to Using the computer unnoti ...

Depending on your network config, telling the PC to bypass the proxy may get around monitoring of internet browsing.

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I agree sounds like a proxy

by markp24 In reply to Using the computer unnoti ...


sounds like a proxy , or virtual browsing, but If I were you I would monitor the PC (even check the event log for installed app, changes to settings, you can even see when apps are install by looking at system restores calender. theres apps out there to lock the USB ports to prevent "portable apps" and other worse things from being used.
Before you do any monitoring, confirm with your HR /Legal departments that it is ok to monitor and log the computer(s)

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fire up resume

by a.portman In reply to Using the computer unnoti ...

If you are in a workplace and doing something you do not want your boss to know you are doing on the company computer, BET on him finding out.

Since I as the admin can route the proxy filter at the switch, what your machine is set too doesn't really matter. Since I can block ports, you can get to the Internet my way or no way. Since I can attach a key logger, you can explain to the unemployment office what business purpose played. And if your boss really wants to know what you are doing, He is going to hang a video camera aimed at you and your screen and record you being a jerk.

Are there ways around computer monitoring? Yes. Can you be fired for using them? Bet your paycheck on it.

Is it worth your IT department's time to do these things? Depends on what the boss asks for. I've written the reports and watched the desk get emptied. Roll your dice.

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Reponse To Answer

by JamesRL In reply to fire up resume

Funny you mention

Long time ago, 16 years ago in fact, I was doing a little talk on internet security with a group of employees, and it was my habit to use as our demo of what would happen when you hit a blocked site. Only I wasn't aware the proxy was down. So shows up on screen, and I look silly.

I now use it at home to test whether my kids have figured out how to bypass my controls on their shared laptop. My wife knows if she sees it on the list of attempted accesses, that I've been testing.

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There are as many ways to bypass monitoring

by Charles Bundy In reply to Using the computer unnoti ...

As there are ways to monitor employees. But having been in a position to do monitoring at the client and network level I'll tell you that bypassing monitoring sticks out like a sore thumb on activity reports and will get you a visit from your boss.

So if you are in charge of monitoring, my advice would be to keep activity reports and review them with an eye towards non-activity as well as non-sanctioned activity.

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Will and way.

by djcjwags In reply to Using the computer unnoti ...

Lots of ways for a desktop user to mask identity or use a proxy of their own. For that reason, I like a filter or monitoring device right before my gateway. Everything passes through it and I get logs of everything attempting to go outside the LAN.

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keyloggers and process monitors

by oldbaritone In reply to Using the computer unnoti ...

he also might just be stopping/disabling any logging services that start on system boot.

If you're thinking about it, as a.portman said, "fire up resume" and "Roll your dice."

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