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Using thew value of one Excel Formula in another cell

By eakff2002 ·
In Cell B2 I need to enter # of hours worked

Cell B3 is the formula =B2*28.084

Cell B13 is the problem cell. It uses the following Nested IF formula:

Here is my issue.

In my worksheet I need to enter # of hours worked in cell B2

Cell B3 is the formula =B2*28.084

This part works fine. However in Cell B13 It nees to calculate the tax amount.

The formula in cell b13 is a nested If statement and is:


What is happening is that Cell B13 is always blank. If I change Cell B2 and just type the value cell B13 works.

How can I get my formula in Cell b13 to evaluate the result of the formula in cell B3?

Thank you

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