Using Turbotax 2020 on an OS 7 system

By dogfaustus ·
Have used Turbotax Home and Business for 10 years and all that data is stored on my hard drive using OS 7. Latest TTHB version (2020) no longer operates with OS 7. Unfortunately I also use Quickbooks 2014 which will not operate under OS 10 (Thank you Intuit) so I cannot upgrade. Any suggestions on how to work around this issue and continue to use my existing software.
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Re: Turbotax

by kbtr1 Moderator In reply to Using Turbotax 2020 on an ...

If the latest version of THBT doesn't work in the Windows 7 compatibility mode on Windows 10 (see ) you'll have to run those 2 programs in different OS'es, either on different PC's/laptop's or with TTHB in a virtual Windows 7 in Windows 10 PC. But that might be difficult if they need each others data.

The easy alternative is to upgrade Quickbooks to a more recent version that runs in Windows 10, just as Turbotax does.

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Problem with upgrading Intuit programs

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Re: Turbotax

Intuit is a bunch of crooks when it comes to upgrading their software. After spending more than $200 for a licensed copy, instead of a modest $40 or $50 upgrade, they want users to pay a few hundred $$ again. I am using a licensed copy of Quickbooks Pro 2013 to this day on my Windows 10 computer without any difficulty and refuse to upgrade until I absolutely have to.

I don't use Turbotax as my taxes are slightly more complicated than average and I use a CPA instead. I would never use the previous year's version of Turbotax and only use the current year's version especially since tax rules change on an annual basis.

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Re: Quickbooks

by kbtr1 Moderator In reply to Problem with upgrading In ...

He said his Quickbooks 2014 doesn't run in Windows 10. And you say your Quickbooks 2013 Pro does.

I can't check here in The Netherlands, but it's strange to me.

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Yes, I meant Quickbooks Pro 2013

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Re: Quickbooks

I am running it without any problems on my Windows 10 desktop today. I installed that program when I replaced my prior computer with my current one Spring 2020.

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New suggestion

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Yes, I meant Quickbooks P ...

The OP should make sure there is no part of the program on the hard drive. If so, delete it completely. Then attempt to install it again.

Could have been a bad install causing his problems. Clearly, from my experience using a version 1 year older that it should work on Windows 10.

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