Using two AP's to build a WDS

By achen2002 ·
I am helping a friend remotely to prepare building a repeated wireless network by two idential AP's which fully supports WDS.

AP1 is already connected to the Internet and serving clients, he is going to add AP2 into the house and configure WDS on them.

I read the manual and already figured out exaxtly how to set them up, but I have one additional question before telling him how to do this step by step -- In order to preserve wireless bandwidth, enhance link quality, and reduce the possibility of failure, IS IT POSSIBLE these two AP's can be linked together via ethernet cable instead of wireless?

I thought about pulling a cable between LAN ports on two devices, but I am not sure if this simple solution can totally replace wireless communication between two devices???

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Knowing their Make/Model would help. {nt}

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Using two AP's to build a ...
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model number

by achen2002 In reply to Knowing their Make/Model ...

They are Corega CG-WLBARN23. Since this brand isn't available in the US, I did not include that information earlier.

Thank you for reply, I think I could simplify my question and let's think about it in another way:

Assumming the location I put these two devices are too far so that wireless signal can not reach each other. Can I use CAT5 to connect them and still setup WDS, then each of them can serve clients within its own range, but two networks are actually linked together as one network, through the WDS setting?

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