Using two totally different ISP broadband simulteneously on XP

By darenhoff ·
I have this situation and I wanna use like this.
1. I have two different broad band onnections
from two different ISPs.
2. I wanna use both of them on my WinXP together.
3. I am trying all possible ways using proxy,
trying my little knowledge of routing, lmhost,and so on whatever hints I cud get from net.
4. Unfortunately I cud not get a stable solution in 21 days and I feel my stock is over!!! Definitely not my energy.
5. I have one Siemens SL2_141 router, one netgear switch, three NICs.
Two ISPs are totally on different subnets.
One of them needs their client to be run to get connected and both IP and MAC matching connection. The other is always connected.

Please help me. I am mad with XPs "default gateway", without which this creature can not communicate!!

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You cannot make a pig be a tiger

by robo_dev In reply to Using two totally differe ...

you cannot cut down a tree with a screwdriver

no matter how hard you try, a Windows PC does not work well as a multi-wan router.

While it is possible, through a registry hack, to allow XP to route between interfaces, one thing it cannot do is to load-share between interfaces or aggregate bandwith, and the other thing it cannot do is automatic failover from one interface to the other interface. So if it were an airplane, it's flaws would be that it could not take off or land.

Best solution is multi-wan hardware router such as cisco RV016.

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But you can put lipstick on a pig

by Churdoo In reply to You cannot make a pig be ...

Well not that I've ever tried, but I've heard of it being done before ... I mean the lipstick on a pig thing, not the multi-WAN on WinXP.

For the multi-WAN on XP thing, take robo's advice and stop wasting your time.

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Due to lack of sheep, no doubt !! ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to But you can put lipstick ...
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I suppose some sort of flying pig/sheep/tiger hybrid

by robo_dev In reply to Due to lack of sheep, no ...

with lipstick, is what we need here.

That's the basic premise of Windows: try to please everybody and make it look pretty

(though I'm not sure how much makeup and/or whiskey it takes before pigs start looking pretty)

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