Using USB to Parrell Cables

By shop1mickeyb ·
I've just got 50 USB to Parrell cables & I'm trying to may them up with some old printers (Star LC10 Colour, Canon BJC-70) in XP. So far no luck the USB cable is recognised & installs itself & I can view it in Device Manager as "USB Printing support". But when I try to add a printer nothing is detected so I manually assign a printer to USB001 (tried USB007 also) but after a while it comes back that whatever I send it can't be printed. Does any one have any ideas I guess the issue is that XP recognises "USB Printing support" as a USB device but it can't find the printer sitting at the end of it?



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re USB01 vs LPT port

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Using USB to Parrell Cabl ...

Older printers won't recognize a USB port. Much like USB/Serial adapters create another COM port, the USB/Parallel adapters should have created another LPT port. So, look to see if you can assign the printers to that new LPT port (LPT3 ?) instead of anything beginning with USB.

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Use a share

by eljainc In reply to re USB01 vs LPT port

Install your printer on a virtual USB port
(i.e. USB0001).

Then share the printer (i.e. PRINTER1)
Then issue a 'net use' command to map LPT1 to a share:


voila! now your software that uses LPT1 or LPT2, etc. can print to this printer.

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Still can't print

by shop1mickeyb In reply to Use a share

Hi thank you for that it was very helpful but there was 1 problems I couldn't do the:


part as I don't know what to put for "MYPC". I tried "My Computer" but I still got "system error 67".



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%COMPUTERNAME% or hostname

by techrepublic-com.e.rpao In reply to Still can't print

The value for MYPC can be found by typing "set" in a cmd.exe box and looking for COMPUTERNAME=. You can also type "hostname" in cmd.exe as well.

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