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Using userData persistence in IE 5.0+

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
What do you think about using userData persistence in IE 5.0+ to reduce traffic, as featured in this week's Web Development Zone e-newsletter? Have you ever tried this method? If so, what were your results?

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What network traffic is saved?

by david In reply to Using userData persistenc ...

Its an XML Cookie that only works with IE 5.0+ browsers? Chocolate Teapot springs to mind. And its in plain text so anybody can change it? Wow. MS would do better things with their browsers like making them work properly. (IE 6.0 is just abysmal). Iused to think Netscape was bad compared to IE but Netscape version 7.0 is now my preferred browser- vastly superior.

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More proprietary, browser specific junk

by williams In reply to Using userData persistenc ...

The last thing we need is more 'junk' that moves browsers and web pages away from the standards. MS should look at improving the standards compliance of their browsers, not creating more proprietary 'tools'.

Promoting proprietary and non-standard methods is not in the best interest of builder.com. As a web developement publication, you shoudl be promoting standards, not feeding us the MS party-line.

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Open mind

by phil_perkins_1 In reply to More proprietary, browser ...

I think the idea is to provide different methods to achieve solutions. No, MS methods are not the standard way to do things, but MSIE does provide additional tools for developers to create quick solutions. When it comes down to it, developing for the intranet is like developing client/server solutions for intra-corporate applications. There's not much difference between creating these solutions in VB vs. IE as far as choosing which methods to use. It's important to remember that one method is not necessarily the most appropriate.

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Sounds REAL standards based

by talleywho In reply to Using userData persistenc ...

Waste of time, stick with standards and write efficient code.

From the author's credentials it looks like he's used to coding on intranet's...I guess if your IT department locks all of it's employees to using IE this could be something to consider, but for your careers sake, don't be a microserf.

No one should want this kind of crap on a website pointed to the general public.

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Yet another IE-only solution

by jhadle In reply to Using userData persistenc ...

Didn't this happen last week as well -- a "solution" that works only on IE 5.0+?

Let's have some solutions that work on all browsers. Is Microsoft paying for this or what?

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Enough IE Stuff

by kibitzer In reply to Using userData persistenc ...

I'm getting kinda sick of IE stuff week after week. It's not just the last two weeks -- seems to have been going for two months or more. I'm pretty close to unsubscribing from this newsletter. There's rarely anything of interest any more.

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