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I telecommute full-time to my job (through a VPN) and presently use Charter cable (20mbps down/2 up). I would like to relcoate to a different area but they only provide DSL service for internet (Comporium). Their fastest speed is 11mbps/1 down. I have always worked with cable, and wondered if you know how well DSL performs for working 8-9 hours a day with alot of downloading and uploading very large files. Thanks

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by cpguru21 In reply to Using VPN thru DSL

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With the limited knowledge of what you are pushing through the line, communication from you to vpn server is going through your upload. So if 2MB was enough for you on a cable connection, I would guess that 1MB might be enough. DSL is typically a dedicated bandwidth, whereas cable is not. Theoretically you could have a better experience over the DSL connection. If the purpose of the VPN connection is to transfer data from the VPN server to you, then you are losing half the speed, however I would guess that you probably wont notice much of a difference.

DSL is distance prohibitive. Meaning if you are closer to the colo (location where the DSL originates from) then the higher the speeds you can get. You can sometimes get ADSL which gives you the same up and down, but is expensive. Most companies also have business -vs- residential plans so it may be worth while to ask about the biz plans.

good luck

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