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By cath_in_ca ·
Does anyone know why I cannot make comments on webpages or post an ad through Kijiji if I try doing these things through a VPN? Do I need to change a setting? I am new to the VPN world (using CyberGhost at the moment to try it out). Thanks!

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Anonymous proxy services typically block cookies

by robo_dev In reply to Using VPN

No cookies typically means many posting actions won't work. CyberGhost is trying to keep you anonymous, and cookies are a big risk to that....

Also, some web sites want to get real valid analytics from their clients before letting you post content on their page.

This is to prevent both their forums getting spammed and/or from malware or links to malware sites getting posted.

A proxy or VPN anonymizer makes it difficult for the web site operator to keep their forum/ads free from spam and/or bad links or content.

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