Using WHS (windows home server) through virtual pc?

By paradimes ·
What I'd like to do is to use Windows Home Server through the same PC I use Win 7 on, but in this config if possible.

Main pc is win 7, after boot, open up virtual pc and run windows home server to watch movies on the tv via hdmi from a new video card I'm looking at.

What I'd like to know is that if this is even possible. The board can run 10 sata drives, though I'm only using 1 for win 7 now, leaving 9 for my library etc...

The video card will simply have two dvi for each monitor and a 100' hdmi to the tv so that we can watch movies whenever--

Can I run two OS's in this capacity and accomplish what I want? I don't want another nas type, but to use the existing tower that I have and occupy what sata space I can use. The i7 processesor can handle it, that's not an issue. The remainder of the sata, via whs will be used in a raid fashion, likely 8tb protected, eg 4x2tb on raid1 or 8 2tb drives.

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You don't need a server in order to watch movies ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Using WHS (windows home s ...

You can simply stream them from Windows 7.

First you'd need to check if virtualisation is possible for your motherboard/chipset. It also depends what flavour of Windows 7 you're running.

All you really need concern yourself with is finding a suitable HDMI-capable graphics card. However, if you intend ramping up your hard drives to the maximum you'd better have a beefy PSU installed.

Also, once you've watched a movie that you've streamed from your hard drive, it is highly unlikely that you'd keep it sitting there for all eternity. It's hardly the most stable of mediums to keep it - far better to burn it to DVD in data format so you can fit 5 or 6 titles onto a single DVD, for storage.

So - what are you going to need all that power-consuming hard drive space for?

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Wow that is a long HDMI run

by IC-IT In reply to Using WHS (windows home s ...

Hopefully you will be using a good signal amplifier.
Any chance you have a pair of cat 5 outputs by the TV? If so you could use something like this;

In April HDMI over coaxial may be available;

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further clarification

by paradimes In reply to Wow that is a long HDMI r ...

Thanks for the responses-

I'm not interested in using win 7 to stream.

I want to separate the OS's or functions. This is why I was looking at the WHS OS to use virtually.

I don't mind keeping the data stored on drives, as I've done in the past, but it was a true nas system. I'm really not sure if this is the route to go or not. I understand the hard medium storage, but it's not as appealing to me as having an immediate source. The power and cpu is not a problem.

The overall project I want to complete is to create a library available to peruse through the house, albeit documents via pdf, notes that I've scanned, movies, mp3s, audio books etc from a central source, to each room as needed.

This is further complicated by wanting to filter the destination based on a rating system I use personally. This would be done through vlans or some other type of intelligent routing or switching.

This leaves the hardware and source housing.

Any other thoughts or suggestions?

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