USMT backup multiple profiles

By jonalan ·

I am currently in the process of encrypting 285 laptops ( a horrible job it has to be said )

Before encrypting said laptops I want to backup user profile and settings ect...incase of sys crash blue screen.

When I run USMT from the run command I get file and settings transfer wizard, But this only allows me too backup current logged in profile (administor) whereas I need to backup user profile settings and all locally stored doc's ect.
I'm sure this is possible with usmt just dont know how and cant seem to find clear explanation on knowledge base.
All systems are running XP service pack 3

Thanks in advance


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Don't recommend as backup

by patb071 In reply to USMT backup multiple prof ...

I have had nothing but problems using the file and transfer settings wizard. we get version compatibility errors, data just doesn't get backed up, and e-mail not getting backed up. We actually had a tech you used the wizard as a backup whiped the hard drive and the e-mail was never saved (CFO's PC). It is alot easier for us to copy stuff manually.
What software are you using to encrypt the hard drives?

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Best bet

by tmalo627 In reply to USMT backup multiple prof ...

is using Windows built in ntbackup utility or a third party backup software. Copy the "Documents and Settings" folder along with anything else you want retained. That folder should contain subfolders for each user and their ntuser.dat file which stores the profile settings and configurations. Inside Documents and Settings will also be their default My Documents folders for music, pictures, etc.

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