USMT2.UNC file not readable

By pviavatt ·
I have a client who backed up all his files and settings using the files and settings Wizard in Win XP home onto an external HD. I backedup all his Outlook using a pst file. Well he restored his computer and then went to bring back his files using the wizard again as the new computer. The wizard will not recognize the folder (USMT2.UNC) I tried it on one of my computers and it wont work for me either. Inside the folder are 4 files they are STATUS and then 3 Dat files img00002.dat img00002.dat and img00003.dat. If the wizard can't open them is rhere any other way I can get into them and retreive the data. The files ate 1.99GB 1.99GB and 1.78GB.


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backup restore

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to USMT2.UNC file not readab ...

This happened to me and the reason was that when you restore your computer with a fresh install,it has to be the same configuration as the old installation or it will not same drive letter,partition layout ect...

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Solution for this issue

by mudgie In reply to backup restore

XP Home edition and XP Pro have differing versions of the FST tool. Use the one from the XP Pro machine on the XP home machine and everything will work fine.

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He needs XP SP2

by alcmarr In reply to USMT2.UNC file not readab ...

If he backed up files and settings from a computer running XP with Service Pack 2 installed, the new computer (or re-installation of Windows) will not be able to use the "Wizard" to restore those files and settings until he has installed SP2. So...first thing: get a good anti-virus installed that will protect the computer during the hours it's going to be on line updating, then log onto MS website and let the automatic update do the rest.

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Copy UNC file to C Drive on New Computer

by hotdog2006 In reply to USMT2.UNC file not readab ...

I solved this problem simply by following these easy steps.

1. Copy the UNC file on the external hard drive.

2. Paste it on My Documents folder on my new computer.

3. Select "I don't need wizard disk."

4. Click Browse and select the UNC file you just moved to new computer from the external drive.

These simple steps begins a transfer process.

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UNC File Problems

by zitamcd In reply to Copy UNC file to C Drive ...

The perfect response. I tried numerous other 'solutions' but this is so simple and works first time. Thank you, I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find the right answer.

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Exact same problem - but solution didn't work

by rmperry In reply to Copy UNC file to C Drive ...

I had same problem as original thread but your solution seems to be missing some info for us laymen. I am assuming you start the backup wizard and select "I don't need a wizard disk". But nowhere do I see that. The wizard is looking for .bkf files and the IMF001 file is a DAT file. WHat am I missing?

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by hackertaz2000 In reply to Copy UNC file to C Drive ...

good thing is there is this shoutbox!
and your solution Work's the best!

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Reponse To Answer

by aprofit In reply to Copy UNC file to C Drive ...

this solution was too easy, but a relief especially after spending hours with easy transfer and usmt (the new one) to find out that they don't support xp to xp migrations. i read the one post telling me i either had to downgrade my newer version of fstw or upgrade the old one to new, and thought i was going to **** a gasket! this fix saved me. good deal alcmarr!

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anyone notice the question said backup but he used the migration tool

by CG IT In reply to USMT2.UNC file not readab ...

you don't use the User State Migration Tool to backup data and restore it. you use it to migrate data between computers.

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