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usr 56k fax ext modem

By ovidiu_caramidaru ·
can anyone gimme a guide/url on how do i make this dum modem to work with me?
i have read all the howto s possible, and i ve gotten nowhere.
pls help me.
also, do u know how to put it in leased line mode(if it is possible of course)?

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by TheChas In reply to usr 56k fax ext modem

To assist you, we will need the specific USR model number.

Version of Windows you are running.

Any other pertinent details that you can think of.


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by ovidiu_caramidaru In reply to usr 56k fax ext modem

modem model number 995630
i use win XP/fedora any help for both of these os would be helpful

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by Joseph Moore In reply to usr 56k fax ext modem

Well, the drivers for the U.S. Robotics 56K External Modem(Europe Retail) are built into WinXP. So, if it does not autodetect the right modem and assigns the correct drivers, just force it.
Plug the modem into a serial slot and run the Add New HArdware wizard. When it asks you about auto applying drivers, tell it that no, you want to manually assign them.
Tell XP that it is a modem, and then a window will come up with modem manufacturers on the left, and the modem types on the right.
Scroll down to the USR section, then in the right pane, scroll down until you find the modem. Then just keep clicking Next until it is done. And that should do it.

And according to this USR PDF on the modem:
this modem is "designed" for Win 95 and beyond, so it might not work for Linux. At least, there are no USR-made drivers for it.

hope this helps

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by tthetiger2003 In reply to usr 56k fax ext modem has a modem wizard that will help determine the problem with the external modem in windows. Download the wizard and follow the suggestions. That will at least determine if the problem is with the drivers, serial port or the modem. Once you get some specifics, clarify the problem better for more assistance.

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by ovidiu_caramidaru In reply to usr 56k fax ext modem

tnx guys...
i ve given up on tring to set it under win xp.
i ve done it on a linux machine using pppd and chat.
no drivers were needed...
good luck

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