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USR modem problems with W2K Power Users

By eblank ·
I have over 50 US Robotics 5699B V.92 Win modems deployed in remote locations that our state is using for remote login connections and general internet access. These modems are installed in Windows 2000 systems with PIII and PIV processors, AGP video cards, 20 gig HD?s (with our build, these are only about ? used), and 128 MB of RAM. The problem comes when using the V.92 drivers with the modem from a ?power user? account on the local machine. On initial login to the local machine it will allow the user to dial out to either the local ISP or our WAN access servers, but after a disconnect command is sent, the modem returns an error in the 3cmlink.exe program. At this point, the user is forced to log off of the machine before it will allow them to dial out again

Note that they do not need to REBOOT, only log off.

This problem does not occur if the user is a local admin on the machine. When logged on as a local admin (either as administrator or as a user with admin rights) the modem performs properly allowing the user to dial, disconnect, dial again, disconnect and then connect to any of our established dialup accounts.

If I replace the V.92 drivers with their 56K drivers, the modem WILL allow power users to perform consecutive dialups, but this driver has it?s own set of problems. (It will occasionally return an error saying that the modem is no longer present requiring a re-boot.)

I have been pulling my hair out for the last four months trying to resolve this problem. I have called USR and spoken to their (very reluctant) tech support personnel. After a successful test call to their server using HyperTerm their diagnosis was that the modem was working properly and any issues that I had at this point should be brought up with Microsoft! (grumble)

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