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    charset=utf-8 not showing special characters on website


    by minizv ·

    I was experiencing a few problems with one of my sites and ran a few html files through a W3C check. These are admittedly somewhat old code files but with over 9300 html or php files they can, realistically, only be changed via bulk seach & replace. One thing W3C told me I needed to do was change the html statement to . I have done this for the complete site and re-uploaded it (almost 2 days!) but almost all the non-alphanumerical characters show as a null sybol. This includes lots of common ones such as ° (as in °C), £ ¢ € etc. It does show up the % symbol. Basic fonts are set up via the CSS: font: 12px arial, verdana, geneva, helvetica, sans-serif; As these are all standard (reasonably) full character set fonts there seems no reason why this is happening. Any ideas?

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