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    UTM Solutions


    by anthony ·

    I manage a network of 60 nodes. We are looking at the watchguard 750 bundle. we currently have an older version of their technology that does not support all of the features. does anyone have any reviews of the gateway spam filter and the mcafee asap service? or can anyone recommend a better product. We looked at sonicwall but the rep told me that she doesnt recommend using the spam filter built in and we should use a seperate device for spam filtering.

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      Check out the Tumbleweed Mailgate Appliances

      by why me worry? ·

      In reply to UTM Solutions

      They are appliances which run Tumbleweed’s proprietary spam filtering and anti-directory harvesting software, which is accesses via a web browser interface

      I’ve worked with them and they are pretty solid devices. Also, if you ever need to troubleshoot them, the underlying O/S is Redhat Linux, so nothing all too complicated about it.

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