µTorrent B.S.O.D

By haxdnoob ·
So, after installing µTorrent to download a standalone game that is an homage to an extremely popular (depending on the current person's opinion) MMORPG that is definitely M/18 rated, I get to a certain amount of progress and sometimes, my computer blue screens; im worried that if it blue screens enough, that it'll crash and break for good,a nd I got my computer a few months ago as a birthday gift

I'm running Windows 7 Pro (64 Bit, Service Pack 1) on a dell XPS 8700 special edition

I trust this torrent does not have any viruses or bad stuff on it; its a group of rar files that ultimately make up the rar file containing said standalone game, and I've been using µTorrent for a long time and I trust it to not transmit any harmful viruses and I am smart enough to not pickup any malicious programs resulting from any bad torrents. Mind telling me how to fix this Blue Screen problem (excluding any solutions that involve getting rid of µTorrent and staying away from it) please?

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Possible causes

by relay12 In reply to µTorrent B.S.O.D

Blue screen crashes - You have 64bit win 7 - did you install a 32bit or 64 bit µTorrent? I am assuming µTorrent has 2 versions and if so try uninstalling and trying other version. The 32bit version are usually more stable than 64bit build as a general rule.

Investigate your network drivers make sure you have latest version. If using WIFI try using wired cable. Torrent clients do stress test you network drivers. I had a buggy WIFI driver that would crash my PC on my friends WIFI network but worked fine at my house, so you can get little gremlins in the network drivers. If there is a Microsoft supplied driver and manufacturer driver (usually on their website) try installing the latter they usually have bug fixes that Microsoft windows update may not have issued yet.

You indicate it is crashing BEFORE it has completed the torrent download so it is unlikely to be specific to that one torrent - any torrent will do it. You could test that to confirm. You did not say how big the torrent is or how many seeds/leech or swarm size these impact number of open connections and I think that is probable cause. Try dropping max number of open connections in you µTorrent settings.

Torrent files containing multi segmented RAR files should be view with high degree of suspicion. I have come across plenty of scams where RAR file is password protected and password is only available through a pay site. You only find out after wasting your time downloading there entire set of file in the torrent and then assembling RAR file.I have read advice on isohunt that indicates it is possible to deliver something harmful when the file is extracted, so make sure you scan it before processing through RAR utility extraction. will scan files up to 64MB with multiple scanners anything bigger will require you to have up to date virus scanner on PC.

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Response from T.C

by haxdnoob In reply to µTorrent B.S.O.D

I will say this, the file I'm downloading is the exact same one in segmented versions through extabit, and I believe what I'm downloading isn't bugged, though I can't say for sure until I assemble the whole file and stuff

nether the less, if it blue screens again, ill take a copy of the files and compile a report if that can help. The network drivers I got is different, my computer has a built in wireless network receiver built into it; checking the number of adapters has yielded 3 connections: Wireless Network Connection 1 (which is the main one that functions as the connector thingy), W.N.C #2 and #3 (which have device names Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter 1 and 2 respectively).

The total size of the downloaded .rar files rack up to 1.83 GB (its a big standalone game, what ); ill try the solutions here but if it doesn't work, I will need more help

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Net connection

by relay12 In reply to Response from T.C

Are you using wired or wireless connection from laptop?

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test with another torrent

by relay12 In reply to Response from T.C

Have you tried testing with another torrent with comparable number of seeder count?

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Further steps

by relay12 In reply to Response from T.C

after answer the above 2 questions ...

Step 3: Have you tried a wired connection?

Step 4: Try another torrent client
To solve your problem you need to try different components. Blue screen crashes are typically driver related, but you should try another torrent client like Vuze because if that gets same blue screen issue then you need to look at network drivers, so proceed to next step.

Step 5: Checking network drivers
Ok so you have done a bit so far you know you have wireless and wired drivers, now see if there are updates or alternate wired drivers which is what you should be using so far. Further reading:
Once the wired drivers are working you can test wireless if applicable.

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