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By rana573 ·
as we use 2 pairs of the utp cable( 1 pairs for send and 1 for receiving) in order to trasmit or recieve data in a network. But we have 4 pairs of wires in a utp cable. What is the function/work of remaining 2 pairs in and network.

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by CptOmlly In reply to UTP CABLE WIRES

In most 10-Mb and 100 Mb modes (ie 10BaseT and 100BaseTX), Wires 1 & 2 are transmit, and wires 3 & 6 are receive. The others are not used. Some other IEEE 802.3 specifications use transmit schemes. For example, 100BaseT4+ uses 1 & 2 for carrier sense and all others for transmission. So basically it depends on your network hardware, as specialized equipment may use different wires (Cisco router console ports come to mind)

Here is a good doc for further information, Hope this helps.

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by exNN In reply to UTP CABLE WIRES

Cisco switches also use them to carry inline power for IP Phones and wireless Access Points, instead of each device requiring an external power supply.

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