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    by psdcio ·

    after i log on i get an error message that a component is missing and cannot find uxtheme.dll. tia


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      Fix it here

      by itmantpc ·

      In reply to uxtheme.dll

      uxtheme.dll patch, download the appropriate one for your XP service pack level.

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      And the fix is:

      by gruvdog ·

      In reply to uxtheme.dll

      Get a thumb (or jump, or pen, or flash) drive, memory stick, or whatever name you call them. Use another machine running windows XP. Copy the file UXTheme.dll from the windows\system 32 folder of this machine to your jump drive.

      Start your machine in “safe mode with command prompt.” Make sure that your memory stick with the copy of UXTheme.dll is inserted in the USB port prior to booting.

      When the command prompt comes up, copy the file into the windows\system32 folder on your machine. remove the usb portable drive and reboot your machine.

      All will be well with the world.

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        by ssteinberg ·

        In reply to And the fix is:

        Awesome!!! This helped me big time today.

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        THX for the FIX

        by tacobelltomkim ·

        In reply to And the fix is:

        Yo Gruv!

        Props for your fix. Don’t know if something is going around, but your suggestion was right on the money.


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      Just want to say

      by snowdevil500 ·

      In reply to uxtheme.dll

      Well, I just joined this site to thank you guys. I dunno what happened with my computer, but it somehow wouldnt log in properly saying I was missing UxTheme.dll. I didnt know what to do, as it just showed a blank screen when I tried to log in. I managed to open Firefox Browser through the Task Manager (ctrl+alt+del) and searched Google.for UxTheme.dll. I found this site and got it sorted. I was afraid I had lost everything on my computer. Once again thanx so much!

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      uxtheme question

      by sabian2212 ·

      In reply to uxtheme.dll

      I upgraded my media player and I got that ‘cannot find UxTheme.dll” message. Is this even an issue in windows 2000? Every thing still works okay.

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