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Vaguest piece of spam I've read in quite a while

By CharlieSpencer ·
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Thanks for registering for the executive lunch happening this week. We still have some room and wanted to make sure we extended the invitation to those that would benefit from the event.

If you know of any other IT directors or folks involved in IT management that would benefit from attending feel free to pass along the invite and have them register here: http: //

I look forward to seeing you!

Jxxx Pxxxxxx
Director of Strategic Sales
+1 415-xxx-xxx ext 1417
(415) xxx-xxxx cell

It goes without saying that I didn't register for an executive lunch happening this week. I notice there's no mention of the topic under discussion, what's being pitched or sold, or when this non-event is being held. It also doesn't mention where this lunch is supposedly being served, but 415 is the San Francisco area code; that's a long way from South Cacalacky for a meal. I've seen master's theses with fewer letters than what that shortened URL mapped to. I hope any "any other IT directors or folks involved in IT management" I work with would seriously question my career opportunities were I foolish enough to extend this "invite".

At least the spamming app mined my name correctly.

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I had a random thought last night

by GSG In reply to Vaguest piece of spam I'v ...

If SPAM is made of pork, would Zombie SPAM be made of pig brains?

In my defense, it was after I'd deleted some Spam that resurrected a zombie thread.

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If we are lucky it is pork

by cmiller5400 In reply to I had a random thought la ...

Never know with those canned mystery meats

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by john.a.wills In reply to Vaguest piece of spam I'v ...

you should have given us the whole URL so that those of us who live in or near SF could benefit from this free lunch. My supervisor recently gave me permission to attend the ACM Turing Celebration without, it seems, knowing anything about Turing; "What is it about?", he asked, after approving. Perhaps the spammers would have had to fund the catering of so many TR members that they would go bankrupt.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to Maybe...

I already Shift+Del the message. Maybe the sender will trip over this pork platter and get in touch with you directly. However, I several offers for free weekends in various southeastern resorts. You're welcome to them; all you and your spouse have to do is listen to 2- to 4-hour pitches for various timeshares, condos, retirement communities, etc. MInimum income and credit score eligibility required, of course.

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