Vaio PCG-8W1L saved from trash , boot with an Ubuntu cd, but...

By Benny7440 ·
...apparently has no HD, the keyboard is disconnected but the touchpad & related buttons are ok. The speakers sometimes sound, too.
It appears that it's capable of connecting via Wi-Fi although haven't been able to prove it, yet.
What I need is a way to enter the BIOS setup page for making sure that certain things are enabled, then to proceed to insert an old vaio hd (if it's compatible with this hardware). Have tried the Sony and the Phoenix sites without luck. I also tried all the keyboard combinations I know (I connected a keyboard through usb port) but haven't found a way to enter the BIOS setup page.
I thank you in advanced for any help that might be provided pertaining to this issue!

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by santeewelding In reply to Vaio PCG-8W1L saved from ...

"Apparently" has no hard drive? You have looked, or are you guessing?

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Using a little of what I know of Ubuntu-Linux found no evidence of a HDD

by Benny7440 In reply to Whoa

Later I decided to open the machine &, in fact, there's no HDD.
Thanks for responding!

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Vaio's of any description are extremely difficult to work with

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Vaio PCG-8W1L saved from ...

If there is no HDD in the machine the most likely reason is that the entire machine has been dismantled and the HDD removed, That would imply that the Keyboard has been disconnected and not reconnected when the machine was put back together.

So I would start off by opening the case up and seeing what is actually inside this unit. Also you should be able to use the Ultimate Boot CD to do some diagnostics though you'll not be able to enter the BIOS without the Built In Keyboard working as the USB Ports are not enabled before the system POST's.

You can get the Ultimate Boot here it's free to download



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All that you say in Ist paragraph is true.

by Benny7440 In reply to Vaio's of any description ...

In relation to 'Ultimate Boot CD' have a question: is this a program analogous to EBCDE? I'm asking this because I downloaded it a few weeks ago but have been unable to make it work within an iPod Nano. I used Isobuster to create the image I put in the Nano; I tested it within a machine that I know for sure boots from a usb device. Need to continue my analysis of this issue.
Thanks for responding OH Smeg!

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by seanferd In reply to All that you say in Ist p ...

What does trying to use EBCDE on an iPod have to do with a Boot CD of any sort? Go to the UBCD site and get answers. It certainly isn't a CD encoder at all though, I can tell you.

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