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Vaio pcg-8w1l saved from trash can boot with an Ubuntu cd, but...

By Benny7440 ·
...apparently has no HD, the keyboard is disconnected but the touchpad & related buttons are ok. The speakers sometimes sound, too.
It appears that it's capable of connecting via Wi-Fi although haven't been able to prove it, yet.
What I need is a way to enter the BIOS setup page for making sure that certain things are enabled, then to proceed to insert an old vaio hd (if it's compatible with this hardware). Have tried the Sony and the Phoenix sites without any good luck. I also tried all the keyboard combinations I know but haven't found a way to enter the BIOS setup page.
I thank you in advanced for any help that might be provided pertaining to this issue!

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Are things that desparate

by santeewelding In reply to Vaio pcg-8w1l saved from ...

In Puerto Rico?

Dumpster diving?

I used to do that. I suppose, if you have to.

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Chronologically speaking...

by Benny7440 In reply to Are things that desparate

... if someone post a question in a forum it's understood that what she/he wants/needs is an appropriate/related answer & not an off-topic question back. I sugest you check the contextual meaning of TECHREPUBLIC.
It certainly isn't synonymous to SOCIALREPUBLIC.
PS. If you're as busy as it appears according to your title you should struggle to find a more valuable hobby than to go through life giving others what they don't expect!

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Chronology? What does time have to do with this?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Chronologically speaking. ...

And you're mistaken.

If you'd posted using the 'Ask a Question' button, you'd be correct in your expectations of an appropriately technological answer.

Instead, you used the 'Start a Discussion' button. In that case, it IS synonymous with 'Social Republic'. Don't mistake the contextual interpretation of a site name with it's actual day-to-day operation; 'Walmart.com' doesn't sell walls and 'Burgerking.com' has no one on staff in line for the throne.

The active membership long ago determined the 'Discussion' forum would have a 'water cooler' format, with conversations allowed to wander wherever the posters wanted to take them. This format has been supported by the TR staff on numerous occasions. There is neither mandate nor expectation of remaining on topic in the 'Discussions' forum. TR TOS prohibits only unsolicited spam, discriminatory speech, or blatant obscenity. santee's post is none of these, and is indeed what the TR membership has come to expect of him in this forum.

If you want an answer, resubmit your original post using the 'Ask a Question' button. If you want a discussion on why you're trying to resurrect a device I too think would be better off on the scrap heap, stick around.

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Sorry that I pressed the wrong button

by Benny7440 In reply to Chronology? What does ti ...

I started a discussion instead of asking a question which was what I really intended to do & for that I really apologize.
The chronology thing was a reference to what one expects when asking a question: an answer.
At the end, Palmetto, you've been very clear in your exposition of the facts & for that I thank you a lot!

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by santeewelding In reply to Chronologically speaking. ...

Are you saying that what you bring to TechRepublic -- trying keyboard combinations on a keyboard that is disconnected -- is an appropriate/related, on-topic question for Discussions?

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There must be a behavioral switch somewhere...

by Benny7440 In reply to Benny

...with this I'm referring to the fact that you used your imagination to extract wrong data from my exposition:
"your intended connection between economic conditions in PR & my personal behavior to confront it". The truth is very far away from there:
"a sister of mine saw a nephew throwing away this equipment & she asked what was the problem with it, to which he said it was beyond repair. She, knowing that I used to work as an electronic tech at a computer manufacturing firm, thought that I might be able to do something useful with it or maybe repair it. So, she appeared with this stuff for me in a recent weekend. Since I always liked to be challenged I decided to spend some time with this stuff."
These last facts were excluded from my exposition because they don't augment the capability of anyone to give an appropriate answer.
Taking your last argument lightly it just make me think of a person that's suggesting to someone to 'walk along the board' of a sunken ship!
If you use your demonstrated ability to speculate again in relation to the keyboard issue it might have gotten you closer to the truth. There's no impossibility between the fact that the keyboard is disconnected & the fact that I connected a usb one instead. You seem to be inclined to extrapolate toward the absurd...
Sorry for my comments if they touch sore tissue, but my intention is to clarify what was misunderstood!

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Had you said that to start with

by santeewelding In reply to There must be a behaviora ...

You may have gathered hundreds of posts helping you in your for-the-****-of-it endeavor.

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You then,

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to There must be a behaviora ...

are arbiter of truth and absurdity?


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Sorry again, but the additional info would have been useful.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to There must be a behaviora ...

Your profile give no clue to your technical skills. Combine that with your posted Job Role of 'Unemployed' and your original description sounds exactly like you were dumpster diving. You didn't mention the use of an external keyboard at all, so we had no reason to think you weren't trying to access the BIOS with a disconnected laptop keyboard.

One of the keys to getting worthwhile help on the internet is providing ALL the information. If you didn't include those additions when you reposted as a question, you might edit that post to include them. Otherwise you might get suggestions on how to cheaply replace the entire system.

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