Vaio will not boot

By Utemetsu ·
Hey, the other day I booted up my computer to do some video editing. This is the only computer i own that is powerful enough to handle the large files and processing that i conduct while editing my Videos. Anyway, the other day I turned the computer on and nothing happened. The boot 'beep' did not sound and the screen remained blank. I am worried that the Processor might be dead. Is there any way I can tell if it is the processor, hard drive, or any other peice of hardware, or is it software (bios that sort of thing) based? Any help will be fantastic.

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There are several options available here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Vaio will not boot

The first is to make sure that the mains adaptor is actually plugged in and has power to it. If that doesn't work you'll need to be able to use a Multi Meter and take a voltage reading straight off the Mains Adaptor and make sure it's within spec to what's printed on the adaptor.

If that all OK and the thing is still dead you need to consider just what to do next and what your experience with a NB doing work like dismantling is and if the unit is still Under Guarantee. If it is shoot it straight back to the Dealer who you purchased it from.

If you feel confident you can dismantle the case and have a look inside but remember to remove both the mains adaptor and battery. If you leave the mains adaptor constantly plugged in there are a couple of options available here the first is that the Fuse that protects the M'Board has blown and needs replacing. The next not so nice one is that the Battery has overheated and spread a corrosive compound through the NB and destroyed the M'Board.

If you are getting absolutely nothing at all the most obvious things are lack of power or the M'Board is dead.


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