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Valid Code at TechRepublic

By apotheon ·
I've been paying some attention to the discussion about the release of Firefox v1.0 here on TechRepublic, and as is usually the case when a discussion starts somewhere about whether some other browser is a serious contender for market share with Internet Explorer the subject of W3C standards compliant code came up. It's true that IE isn't a standards compliant browser, and in fact doesn't follow its own lead from one version to the next, and since it commands a sizable lead in the browser market this lack of consistency lends to a great deal of the Web being standards noncompliant.

Many may not be aware that at www.w3c.org you can find a code validator that is used to check the code of a website to determine whether it's standards compliant. Apparently the web developers at TechRepublic aren't aware of that, for instance. If you cruise on over to w3c.org and enter the TechRepublic URL into the validator, it is identified as being invalid markup.


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To be fair...

by RexWorld In reply to Valid Code at TechRepubli ...

Okay, as one of the guys responsible for the upkeep on TechRepublic.com I will say this in our defense--the biggest problem for a Web site like ours is that not everything is under our control. CNET corporate for example dictates what the footers should look like and we just take the code they give us. Also, the ad calls are not in our control--the ad call sometimes generates an HTML table, sometimes the ad is an iframe, etc.

I will say we're slowly trying to make an effort, as we modify pages, to get more compliant. I think our new topic doors should be closer:


We'll be rolling them all out within the next week or so. Then it's on to try and fix other templates, like the article pages. It's a slow process but we are going to make the effort.

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by apotheon In reply to To be fair...

You have my apologies, if anything I said seems insulting. Keep up the good work.

In any case, it seems to render properly in every browser I've used to visit it.

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