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Why would any company do self assessments? Interesting question, as I would focus this down to actually the manager, not the company. First, self assessments have to be founded on clearly understood performance objectives. Without a clear, concise, agreed upon performance plan the self assessment clearly loses its value. My experience with self-evaluations/assessments is commensurate with the study. Average employees will actually be harder on themselves than their managers in their own assessment of their performance. If the manager is competent, knows his employees then the self assessment can be useful in a number of ways. Discerning where a good employee may need help in improving their performance in specific areas, allows the individual to have input and ownership into their overall assessment, can actually help enable discussions with the employee in a number of areas. The self assessment should also only be a part of the overall assessment process, not the end all, be all. It is, after all, just another tool. Used appropriately you get good results....used inappropriately you get bad results. Try to drive a screw into a wall with a saw and you will see what I mean.

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