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Value Clarification Simplifies Decisions

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Today's world is dynamic, stressful, and pulling each of us in many directions. This is a very complex problem and each individual's situation is different, but following are a couple of general principles that can be applied pretty much across theboard:

1) Make sure you've carefully evaluated your values and priorities - determine in advance what's most important to you and your family - and what you're willing to defer, trade or give up from that list

2) Schedule important family events in your office calendar just like any other important meeting - and then hold those dates firm

3) Recognize that the business world - like the world as a whole - is changing rapidly and creative work strategies are becoming increasingly possible

4) When requesting an adjustment to your work schedule, remember to pose that request in a way that satisfies your employer's goals and objectives as well as your own

5) Offer low-risk trials of your alternatives (e.g., let me try it for 30 days, and if it doesn't work out, we'll go back to the former arrangement)

6) Find a way to make it easy for your employer to say "Yes" to your request (e.g., make them small enough to be acceptable, then demonstrate your dependabilty, commitment, responsibility, etc. before asking for more)

7) Offer to do something more in exchange for the concession that you're looking for

I leave this post with two final thoughts:

1) Remember, you don't necessarily get what you deserve in life - you get what you negotiate, and

2) Very few people, on their death beds, say "I wish I had spent more time at the office"

Sue White
Strategic Business Coach

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