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Value from Consulting Projects

By Jenny Sutton ·
Ever worked on a project as a client or a consultant where you know that the end product was less than what was expected, even though the project was declared successfully completed?

Perhaps in these cases both parties may be at fault:
- the client because she/he has the consultants working on the wrong problem (that old business versus technology debate), or has selected the wrong type of consultants for the project, or has not managed the consultants, or the company has not collaborated effectively with the consultants.
- consultants because they have taken on a project that they are not properly qualified for, or because they have lost focus on the business objective in the course of doing the project.

Too often companies and consultants fail to analyze the outcome of their projects in terms of the value expected versus delivered, thereby foregoing an opportunity to learn and do better next time. CIOs/IT Managers need to be able to distance themselves from the projects they commission and allow the projects to be objectively assessed (with input from the business people who sponsored the project) as to whether the expected value was delivered.

Jenny Sutton is the co-author of "Extract Value from Consultants". The authors,having worked on both sides of the client/consultant equation over a combined 50 year period, wrote this book to help clients to extract more value from consultants.

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