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Value of using multiple social media platforms

By ATemp ·
I am the social media person for an amateur sporting organisation.

It is voluntary work and quite a time consuming doing a good job with (1) Facebook to get it right and I also duplicate some of these posts in my club notes section of a (2) local newspaper and we also have an extensive (3) Email Newsletter.

Although we have an extensive following, only a few people click on LIKE and/or SHARE, I assume that the same would happen for (4) Twitter and (5) Instagram.

Even though it’s a well-supported sports club, only a few people ever bother to LIKE and SHARE a very diverse range of well-presented posts.

I am always a little confused as to the value of the effort required to repeat the same posts that I have created on Facebook and duplicate them onto other platforms such as:

Local Newspaper
Emailed Newsletter

Thank you for your thoughts.
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Re: social media

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Value of using multiple s ...

This situation calls for some research. My suggestion: ask a selection of your members what posts they read and what they like or share (and why or why not).
Just visit the club and discuss it with everybody you see.

For example, it could be that everybody reads all 5, but shares or likes only 1. Or that nobody reads anything because they aren't following it. Or that nobody shares because they think other members see it also.

If, say, nobody follows it on Twitter, then why do it. The local newspaper might be useful to reach non-members with important news, but if everybody already reads it on other media, only use the local newspaper for really important stuff that's relevant for non-members also.

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Value of using multiple social media platforms

by johnayden702 In reply to Value of using multiple s ...

Social media platforms can benefit businesses by providing an additional channel for customer support and are essential for building brand relationships. If your business is present on multiple networks it is easier for you to keep track of what is being said about your business and respond accordingly and in real-time.

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multiple social media platforms

by amfan250 In reply to Value of using multiple s ...

I think, there has no problem with this type of post. Because Different Social media have different Traffic, But your business or target same. So I think you can do this.

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