Vaoi recovery after vista

By agarcia209 ·
hello i have a vaoi computer that is parttion into 2 well my son decided to install vista on it now i have vista rc1 but i notice i also have that other partion that keep the old window xp on it is there a way to copy those file so i can reinstall xp and all other software that came with my vaoi computer note i dont have the windows xp cd or made a recovry disk

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Well the most effective way of dealing with things is to

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Vaoi recovery after vista

Murder your son in whatever way takes your fancy at the time.

Ring Sony and order a replacement Install CD for your particular Model Viao

Backup all your data if you haven't already done so by writing to a USB HDD from within Vista.

When your Replacement Viao CD's arrive run this utility called Boot & Nuke available here to wipe your HDD completely

Insert the replacement CD and run the XP setup Wizard and install Windows and then all your software. Load an AV program and update and then you can proceed to apply any Windows Updates & Service Packs that are available.

Restore your Data from the USB HDD.

At this point instigate a Disaster Recovery Plan and perform regular backup and remove the backup drive and lock it away in a safe to prevent data loss.

The above options are variable as you may chose to hang your son up by his thumbs for a few weeks before murdering him or maybe you could Crazy Glue his lips to a wall to keep him away from your computer. But no matter what happens you'll need to find a way to prevent him touching your computer ever again and if your a bit squeamish about murder you can always resort to charging him for the rebuild it should come in around 2K including your time & effort.

Then if he even looks as if he's about to touch the computer again apply simple Aversion Therapy like break a finger or two to discourage him from messing with things that he knows nothing about. Though personally murdering him will prove far more satisfying and no matter how careful you are there will be a time when you are not there and he'll play with it again and mess it up all over again so you'll have to repeat the above steps but this time you'll have the recovery CD so it should save you quite a lot of money and several weeks wait.


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Yep Hal is right

by CG IT In reply to Well the most effective w ...

there's only 1 way to get rid of Vista and that's wipe the drive. You can not uninstall it or even use a tool like Go Back, to revert back to XP. The reason you cant is that Vista makes changes to the core O/S that is not compatible with earlier versions of Windows.

If the kid must use the computer, then don't use Fast User Switching or auto logon. Require a user name and password. Give him his own account to use that is a limited rights account. Don't make your account an admin account. Password the system BIOS and change the boot order to not boot from a floppy or CD first [disable them] and only boot from HDD-0.

That way he can't insert a CD or floppy and boot to it, and the limited user account won't let him install a new O/S once he gets to the desktop.

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