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    VB 6,Mysql 5.0 and Crystal Report 10


    by salusamuel ·

    i have just created an application using vb 6.0, mysql 5.0 as the database and crystal report 10 prof. the system run smothly on the developers machine but when i package and install it on the client’s machine, i get a similar error “ActiveX compnent can’t create object”

    A mate adviced that there are some files to copied and pasted to System32 or programfile\commonfile\; somewhere there.

    i really need that solution?


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      by salusamuel ·

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      The deployment wizard

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to VB 6,Mysql 5.0 and Crystal Report 10

      gives you a list of dependancies.
      check these out.
      Generally this sort of problem is a missing dll, one that hasn’t registered if it’s not on the path. Or on occasion a dll version problem.

      Another possibility is MDAC version discrepancy, or the myslql ODBC driver which you must also deploy.


      PS try innosetup for deploying, I used to use it with VB6 and MySQl, way better than MS’s options which make some ridiculous assumptions. It’s free as well.

      PPS. Crystal reports used to rely on some MS standard code such as VBcalc, no deployment wizard will pick that up automatically.

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      Dependency Checker

      by onbliss ·

      In reply to VB 6,Mysql 5.0 and Crystal Report 10

      “ActiveX compnent can’t create object”. Haven’t seen that for a while now 🙂

      In addition to what Tony has said, you could use Dependency checker that comes with Visual Studio to get a listed of dependencies of a DLL.

      PDW is notoriously “buggy” and might not list all the dependencies.

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      Things to check …

      by unni_kcpm ·

      In reply to VB 6,Mysql 5.0 and Crystal Report 10

      The below can be possibly be one or more
      of the reasons in the Client’s PC and your
      PC might have an updated component and thus
      the Project works well.

      1. You do not have a required TLB or
      ActiveX DLL/OCX file.
      2. A TLB or ActiveX DLL/OCX needed by the
      project is present but not registered on
      your system.
      3. The VB runtimes are an earlier version
      than the one you need to run the
      4. A required TLB or ActiveX DLL/OCX file
      is corrupt.

      Try out.

      Happy Christmas !


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        Need to Add Files to PDW?

        by jpdecesare ·

        In reply to Things to check …

        When you create an install package with the P&DW, there may be a DLL or OCX file not automatically included, but you can add files to the package during the process. Just make sure you pick the location to where you want the extra files installed, usually the System 32 folder in Windows. Also make sure that you have install rights to these directories on client’s PC. Local policies set by over zealous Windows Admins can get frustrating.

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      Crystal 10 deployment

      by chandraram ·

      In reply to VB 6,Mysql 5.0 and Crystal Report 10

      In addition to all the suggestions above, you should also read the documentation available on their website about Crystal Reports 10 deployment. It has some peculiar issues that need to be addressed to be able to include CR10 in your deployment package.


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      That is common!

      by obislavu ·

      In reply to VB 6,Mysql 5.0 and Crystal Report 10

      It is common to work on dev machines and not when deploying to end users.
      I think the problems comes from CrystalReports. Maybe you need to distribute the run time dlls or components to the client machines.

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      Invest in an Installer

      by wilrogjr ·

      In reply to VB 6,Mysql 5.0 and Crystal Report 10

      You deployed the app (with dependencies), but didn’t deploy the dependency files (there are a lot).

      Invest in an installer like InstallShield or be prepared for A LOT of work.

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      by meron_bisrat ·

      In reply to VB 6,Mysql 5.0 and Crystal Report 10

      Can you give me a hint of how I could make vb6, crystal report and mysql talk to eachother.i have no idea whatsoever but I need to develop a system that creates report queerying from s mysql database.

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