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    VB and Crystal Report


    by thompao ·

    When i run a program downloaded from planet-source. It gives me an error and displays the reference MISSING:Crystal Report 8.5…How will i change the code to accept Crystal Report 10..which is installed in my machine. Thanks a lot.

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      by thompao ·

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      Find the reference

      by tony hopkinson ·

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      remove it an then add it back but now pointing at v10 on your machine.
      You may get a few more funnies if they’ve changed the interface.

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        by thompao ·

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        Thanks a lot Tony.

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          Other than what mentioned above …

          by unni_kcpm ·

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          1. There’s a minimum to high amount of vb
          coding change required for each n every
          version of CR.
          Change required from 8.5 to 9.0
          … then 9.0 to 10 like.
          So similar CR 8.5 to 10.
          2. Secondly, you can refer to some of
          the web sites for the necessary
          changes. Ex. to
          look for some codes.

          Trust above info helps atleast at minimum

          Best Regards

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      Major undertaking

      by olsonmh ·

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      Crystal 9+ versions use a totally different paradigm than Crystal 8.5 and earlier. You no longer just have to reference the Crystal object in order for it to work. Thankfully there are a lot of references out there that will assist you in determining what objects to reference and the code required. Just google it.

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