VB EE 2005 Batting Average

By sajw4 ·
Hi, I am a team mom and I am trying to write a program to display individual teams in our league-batting average. I was told that I could download VB 2005 EE for free at the microsoft site. The thing is, I don't know the first thing about programming. Will this download be easy enough for someone who isn't quite up to date with the knowledge of downloading?
Also, could someone show me or possibly walk me through the procedure of creating a form for batting averages for our league? Or, possibly direct me to an area where I would be able to possibly learn how to create this procedure?
Thanks ahead of time....Anne

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Try a database

by dma69593 In reply to VB EE 2005 Batting Averag ...

I use VB 2005 Express Ed. at home and TAFE for my studies. VB is designed as a software developmenr tool and may not be quite what you need. Yes, this version is freeware and downloading is pretty simple. When you click on the download button, remember to click on 'Run' as this will download and install on your pc. Just follow the steps, its fairly basic.
However, you say you don't know anything about programming? Give it a go and see if you are comfortable with it. There are plenty of online tutorials on the net.
Programming can be frustrating at times. If all you want to do is record batting averages you might consider using a database application such as MS Access. This is ideal for collecting information about names, addresses etc and you can also make queries, reports as well as print out the information.
That's all I can advise you with

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by ctmcswain In reply to Try a database

You might want to look into MS Excel. It's not got the robust query features of MS Access but it's a simple spreadsheet style application. You can even do some fairly in depth calculations using this application. Check into it.

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how about both?

by dma69593 In reply to Excel

MS excel is an excellent application, particularly for calculations (and a lot easier to learn than programming). How about using a combination of both Access and Excel? MS office 2003 has these, as well as Word and Publisher. Use a combo of all of these, Access for storing players details, Excel for determining batting averages, Word for letters etc, and Publisher for leaflets.

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Do you want to learn programming?

by darthvader In reply to VB EE 2005 Batting Averag ...


If you want to learn programming, then VB 2005 EE is a good place to start. You should, however, go and buy a beginers book on VB programming like a Dummies manual. You should also look for tutorials on the Internet, just use Google.

If programming is not for you though, I am sure you can find a wealth of batting average programs. Again, just use Google.


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