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    VB .Net on Win95/98/ME


    by matt_ ·

    I am looking to buy VB.Net Standard for learning on my home PC, but I want to avoid paying big $’s for a copy of Win 2000/XP.
    Has anyone tried running VB.Net on Windows ME? Are you restricted from installing on a non-NT based OS?

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      I believe it’s NT-only, yes.

      by privatelyowed ·

      In reply to VB .Net on Win95/98/ME

      Although the .NET runtime platform can be installed on Win9x, along with some testing tools, I believe that the VS.NET development tools can only be installed on an NT-based OS. I know for a fact that the release version will not install on 98. I haven’t tried on ME, but I’d assume that’s the same deal.

      If you can get your hands on just the .NET Framework, which was free at one time and might still be, you might be able to use the command-line compilers and write your code in notepad, a’la Java. Also, there’s an article somewhere on Builder about getting VC++ 6 to compile C# projects, so that’s an option too.

      I do believe that NT4 is supported, assuming it’s been service-packed to the gills, so if you happen to have NT4 you’re in business. If not, it’s probably pretty cheap. Good luck.

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        by privatelyowed ·

        In reply to I believe it’s NT-only, yes.

        I just saw that you were specifically asking about VB.NET, so the VC++ 6 idea might not be relevent. Sorry ’bout that, too much cold medicine today I think. 🙂

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      test 2

      by leif.welch ·

      In reply to VB .Net on Win95/98/ME

      test 2

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      .NET won’t install on less than W2K

      by aliceo ·

      In reply to VB .Net on Win95/98/ME

      The install begins OK, but fouls up partway through. Don’t try it. You are left with a mess.

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        Nope…not in Win98

        by naichunlei ·

        In reply to .NET won’t install on less than W2K

        I used to try to install in Win98SE but end up with a mess.It is possible to install on Win98SE (That’s what Microsoft said), but that’s not something for a novice user.

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