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vb script wanted to automatically set the wav volume to max

By groer ·
I want to run a script on startup (win xp pro) that sets the wave volume to max.
I have a soft phone that always sets the wave volume down low and it's far too low for me. When I manually move it to max the soft phone still works just as well. I have searched the web for days trying to find a script. Unfortunately, the only things I have found have all been fancy GUI scripts and none of them worked on my pc anyway.
Surely there must be a simple one or two line vbscript or wscript that will do what I want.

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Surely there must be

by ComputerCookie In reply to vb script wanted to autom ...

once you write it, how do expect this script to access your volume control?

Why is this so important to you, are you blind?

Don't know what your soft phone is but it might be easier to through it out and get a better one!

This forum is designed to help people with a problem, you don't have one, right click on your speaker icon and adjust the volume after startup!

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There are plenty of utilities

by neilb@uk In reply to vb script wanted to autom ...

to do just about anything from the command Line. Google is your friend...

Ignore jcoo who seems strangely upset by your question and have a look at http://www.jsifaq.com/SF/Tips/Tip.aspx?id=8586
or google "windows command line adjust volume"

Neil :)

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by groer In reply to There are plenty of utili ...

That Nircmd is fantastic. I was able to do exactly what I want. Thanks very much.

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