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vb to sql server connection

By Poovendra Boopathi ·
how to a connection of visual basic 6.0 to sql sever 2000?

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Let's see VB6 is what 15 years old

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to vb to sql server connecti ...

SQL 2000 is ten years old. You think may be someone has done this already? That may be the answer might be available on say Google?



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by Shellbot In reply to Let's see VB6 is what 15 ...

You beat me to it Tony!!

I find it funny, because in the time he would have taken to create an account to post, and post, he would have had the answer had he only looked..

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Well might have took a wee bit longer

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to hahaha

you have to ask google the right question. Miss ADO out of the search string and you'll be wading through guff for a fair bit.

Searching here, there would have been much quicker answer , as I have some vague recollection of this question being asked at least once before.

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Google really IS your friend

by Shellbot In reply to vb to sql server connecti ...

There are a million referneces on how to do this.
for example:

We all need help occasionally, but someitmes its best if you attempt to do something yourself..and if it doesn't work, then ask where you are going wrong.

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