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vb6 sending images with UDP sockets

By kaiserjp ·
Hi, I am working in a project to make a vehicle controlled from my portable computer with VB6 (yes, I know jet they are aged, but...), and viewing all the vehicle have in front them. And if I can, I would like have a video recorded with these images.
Actually I am controlling the two servo motors Robotis and the all the electronic bloc of the car.
I have used TCP connections, but the control and the slow computer I have in the car are no a valid solution. So I am testing the UDP socket to send every frame the car capture from the webcamera that they have. I have some data as input in the computer, but I can't transfer this data to a graphic container (picture or image) to display it first, and save as video after.
I can send the code everyone interested in this app.
If you can help about how transfer the incoming data to a picture, I will be greatyfull to you.


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TCP should have worked...

by Slayer_ In reply to vb6 sending images with U ...

Are you compressing the images before sending them, or are you sending raw Bitmap data?

How to reliably convert UDP data to an image, I got no idea since you would need to handle corrupted data.

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UDP isn't eally going to help you much speed wise

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to vb6 sending images with U ...

Because it's connectionless without adding extra code and data you won't know what order the frames are in, or whether you've missed one..

So that takes the acknowledge bidirectional comms out but leaves you with another issue, it would be tempting if the processor on the car was limited, you might want to stuff in some sort of frame counter though and which camera it came from.
Standard way of doing this would be
You have the image in some format, to save it to stream, you send the stream. It get's received to load the image from the stream. Bob is your mother's sister's brother.

The image you have must be understandable by what ever you ae viewing it with.

As for making movies out of them, google that, don't worry about car's, cameras and UDP, all a movie is, is a series of stills, "played" quick enough to fool the eye.

Suspect you are trying to solve too many problems in one go. Do it in order, first get the frame back form one camera and viewable, go from there.

VB6 is terrible choice of language for some thing like this Delphi ,2,3 or 4 would do it better, C/ C++, would probably be the ideal, it's not how old it is, it's very little language support for this sort of application.

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Last news about the robotic car

by kaiserjp In reply to vb6 sending images with U ...

Many thanks for your comments. Really I doubted a lot about the protocol to use. Now I found a compressor that can reduce the frame size of 900 to 8 Kb: awesome! I think I can use TCP sockets to send a frame to each packet, if the compressor is fast enough.
I agree that the simpliest is more beatiful than complex maze. I've been trying to capture a stream, to make packages for the socket and rebuild everything at the other end of the connection: all in VB6!
Thanks for the light you gave me.
If you are interested in this compressor let me now and I will send to you the link.
Thans a lot!

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by seanferd In reply to Last news about the robot ...

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