VB6 simple LAN problem

By dlandmesser ·
Hey guys. I'm trying to make a simple program in VB6 that will allow me to send data to and from multiple PCs on a LAN to a single file on a shared network drive to run a simple game. Basically sending X,Y coordinates of each player's character and maybe the X,Y coordinates of a fired laser or something simple like that. The problem is, when 2 or more PCs try to access the file at the same time I get that "can not read file. May be in use by another application" because another PC is currently reading the file. I need a server application or something that can receive data from each PC and then send it out to each PC at the same time. I can't really figure out how to code it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks. I don't really have any source code to offer because it's a simple concept. Thanks in advance.

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