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    VBA automating procedures.


    by a.d.rowlinson ·

    Heya! I?m new to programming and the forum; after buying a book on VBA for excel I?d like to try and put my knowledge to the test and eventually build a program for my Dad’s electrician firm to link cost of job, an invoice and stock check.

    My initial thoughts are to have three different excel books:
    – stock left
    – price of wires (relies on metres of cable used)
    – price of other items

    When the application loads a msgbox would load with question what do you want to do:
    1 Calculate Cost of Job & Produce Invoice
    2 Add New Item to Stock List

    If 1 then go to msgbox with add first item with a button for wires or other items (linked to respective sheets). A msgbox would then appear for each option:
    – other = item type (drop down list) & enter quantity box
    – wire = item type (drop down list) & enter metres of cable.
    And Okay and Cancel buttons.

    Okay/ Cancel returns to original msgbox (add second item/ first item).

    The Msgbox would keep being displayed until finished was clicked producing three workbooks with stock list, total cost of wires used and cost of items used. For every item used one item would be taken from stock list and one metre of cable etc.

    At this stage I want an option (msgbox) calculating what rate to charge,10, 20, 30% depending on if he is charging a charity or a business, and after to display a msgbox with total cost.
    Linking the total cost to an invoice in word and printing. (Not Essential)

    I want to know if it possible to write the option 2 to add a new item to the stock list that isn’t already in the spreadsheet say a Belfast sink and enter the price without going back to the source code? Also do you see any other problems or better ways of doing this? I’m just learning for fun and want to see if I can put it to use in a practical way!

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