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Locked Application Independent of Screen Resolution

By Priyadharsini1986 ·
Hi all,
Im a beginner in developed my windows application using 2008.The Problem is it is not fit the screen if I change the resolution.How to develop an resolution independent application in
I've also tried of control resizing through code,but that is not sufficient for my application.

Please anyone help me...
Thanks in advance...

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Not sufficient ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Application Indepe ...

There isn'y any other way to do except resizing. You can automate a lot of it with autosize, anchors and constraints, though that can get painful depending on your layout. But at some point, you need to pick up screen width and height, and then resize accordingly.

Resolution independant is resizing, code wise.

PS there'a a lot more support in .net 3.5 than there is in 2.0, but's it's good stick of work whatever way you look at it. So much so, most don't bother.

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I know one of the measurement units could do this

by Slayer_ In reply to Application Indepe ...

I remember in VB6 anyways, one of the form measurement units would adjust to screen resolution.

Otherwise, you could do it simply with percentages based on screen width and height. That stuff worked great till we started having people with duel monitors on span mode.

Otherwise, there is no good automated way to do it.

Most the time, what you do is develop your application for the minimum standard resolution. In our company thats 800 x 600, in most things I see in the world, its 1024 x 768. Anything larger than that is usually pushing it.

A fairly good chunk of the world still uses 800 x 600, so its still, if possible, best to design for that resolution.

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