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By artschwagerb ·
I am in the middle of developing a application where a user will select the software packages they would like to install, and the application begins the installation for them in order waiting for each to finish before starting the next.

I keep receiving an error saying, "This BackgroundWorker is currently busy and cannot run multiple tasks concurrently"

The code I have to use a background worker is:
worker.RunWorkerAsync(install(SearchInstallers(cb.Text.ToString, 2), cb.Text.ToString, SearchInstallers(cb.Text.ToString, 3)))

This may look a little fuddled together, but the install sub takes in a path and a name and executes it using a process.start. and the SearchInstallers finds the installstr using the xml file. So basicly the background worker is starting a process.

The problem seems to come up when the next application is trying to start installing. The runworkerasync is inside of a for loop that searches through all the checkboxes to find the checkboxes the user has selected.

Any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

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