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VB.NET - How can I avoid entering database credentials??

By mpolini ·
I am green in VB.NET EXPRESS and converting MS Access VBA app to .NET.

Quick Explanation: Within my Access database I have linked tables to an Oracle database from which I retrieve data. (I read that .net express has no functionality for Oracle connections)

Everytime I hit these tables from the .NET front-end I am prompted for username/password. With the user having to enter this dozens of times per process I am in danger of realizing this project is useless!

Solution Any help is greatly appreciated..

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There must be a way

by cmiller5400 In reply to VB.NET - How can I avoid ...

There must be a way to edit the data source to include passing the credentials... Maybe... I have not worked with Oracle before.

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Not sure about that...

by mpolini In reply to There must be a way

Because its a linked table in access, I am not directly connecting to an Oracle db, therefore I would not be surprised if I am unable to pass my credentials. Can anyone else give me any ideas? Or does anyone know if VB.NET Express supports Oracle dbs?

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Linked Table

by Shellbot In reply to Not sure about that...

I'm not sure about the Oracle thing..never worked with Oracle..
But when your linking a table in Access to a SQL database somewhere in there you can set/save username & password.. if linking to an Oracle table is the same (right click on white space -> Link Tables ) then one would assume it does allow for saving the credentials when linking to Oracle as well.

Thing is, was last year when I was doing a lot of this..can't remember where exactly this comes up. I think its when your done linking a promt comes up asking if you want to save?? Anyone more familiar with this?

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Could you use ODBC?

by jimmy-jam In reply to VB.NET - How can I avoid ...

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