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    VB.Net or C#


    by karthikeyan umapathy ·

    I am planning to learn Web Services and develop it.

    Which one is better and which one is going to be the “next big thing”?

    Is it VB.Net or C#?

    So far i have been using VB 6, even though i know C and C++. I have used only visual basic extensively.

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      VB is better

      by gy24hz13 ·

      In reply to VB.Net or C#

      VB is easier than C#

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        Does C# has any capabilities that VB.NET doesn’t have?

        by karthikeyan umapathy ·

        In reply to VB is better

        I am sure VB.NET is easier than C#. But, Does C# has more capabilities for Web Services than VB.NET?

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      It is up to you,,,

      by rickman ·

      In reply to VB.Net or C#

      I have been developing mostly with VB/VBA/VBScript and I would choose C#. The main reason is that C# was developed by microsoft to be the Web Services language. Support by microsoft, and other web services developers is far greater than for VB.Net. If did not require as long a learning curve as learning, I would have chosen

      As far as features go, Microsoft says that they are the same. But from my understanding, and I wish I had some features to point out to be specific, is that C# has some features not found in Now you have to determine whether this is true or some hype from C# supporters.

      The key to both languages is learning the .net Framework and all the assemblies that are currently available. The final Choice as Microsoft usually says is whatever your preference is. I personally feel that from my observations, most people will be going with C#, and diehard VB shops that migrate to .net will go with

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        It is up to you – but bear in mind…

        by salmonw ·

        In reply to It is up to you,,,

        I made the jump from VB6 to C# about a year ago. At the time I also checked out but found the transition quite frustrating. Apart from some keywords bears little relation to VB6. Look at a reasonable complex program and it will be instantly recognisable as VB, but dig a bit deeper and you’ll see some important syntax changes which makes the learning curve almost a steep as C#. It’s also pretty verbose, the syntax changes have meant you need to type much more code to achieve simmilar results to C#.

        Technically C# has the following features that does not:

        – Operator overloading.
        – Unsafe blocks (code C++ directly into your source files!) enable access to COM or API functions.
        – Better garbage collection.
        – XML Documentation comments can be compiled into documentation at the click of a button.

        Personally, I find C# (and .net as a whole) an absolutely blinding piece of work by Microsoft (with just a little help from Sun ;).

        p.s All the above apply to 2002 and v1.0 of the framework.

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      It’s better If u adopt C#

      by ravi_kiran_b ·

      In reply to VB.Net or C#

      If you know c# u can work with as well.Moreover,c# has got good advantages over in terms of type safety and IL code generation.Microsoft itself accepted c# as the major ocean in .net world.

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