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VB.Net or C#

By Karthikeyan Umapathy ·
I am planning to learn Web Services and develop it.

Which one is better and which one is going to be the "next big thing"?

Is it VB.Net or C#?

So far i have been using VB 6, even though i know C and C++. I have used only visual basic extensively.

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VB is better

by gy24hz13 In reply to VB.Net or C#

VB is easier than C#

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Does C# has any capabilities that VB.NET doesn't have?

by Karthikeyan Umapathy In reply to VB is better

I am sure VB.NET is easier than C#. But, Does C# has more capabilities for Web Services than VB.NET?

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It is up to you,,,

by RickMan In reply to VB.Net or C#

I have been developing mostly with VB/VBA/VBScript and I would choose C#. The main reason is that C# was developed by microsoft to be the Web Services language. Support by microsoft, and other web services developers is far greater than for VB.Net. If VB.net did not require as long a learning curve as learning VB.net, I would have chosen VB.net.

As far as features go, Microsoft says that they are the same. But from my understanding, and I wish I had some features to point out to be specific, is that C# has some features not found in VB.net. Now you have to determine whether this is true or some hype from C# supporters.

The key to both languages is learning the .net Framework and all the assemblies that are currently available. The final Choice as Microsoft usually says is whatever your preference is. I personally feel that from my observations, most people will be going with C#, and diehard VB shops that migrate to .net will go with VB.net.

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It is up to you - but bear in mind...

by SalmonW In reply to It is up to you,,,

I made the jump from VB6 to C# about a year ago. At the time I also checked out VB.net but found the transition quite frustrating. Apart from some keywords VB.net bears little relation to VB6. Look at a reasonable complex VB.net program and it will be instantly recognisable as VB, but dig a bit deeper and you'll see some important syntax changes which makes the learning curve almost a steep as C#. It's also pretty verbose, the syntax changes have meant you need to type much more code to achieve simmilar results to C#.

Technically C# has the following features that VB.net does not:

- Operator overloading.
- Unsafe blocks (code C++ directly into your source files!) enable access to COM or API functions.
- Better garbage collection.
- XML Documentation comments can be compiled into documentation at the click of a button.

Personally, I find C# (and .net as a whole) an absolutely blinding piece of work by Microsoft (with just a little help from Sun .

p.s All the above apply to VS.net 2002 and v1.0 of the framework.

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It's better If u adopt C#

by ravi_kiran_b In reply to VB.Net or C#

If you know c# u can work with vb.net as well.Moreover,c# has got good advantages over vb.net in terms of type safety and IL code generation.Microsoft itself accepted c# as the major ocean in .net world.

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