VB.NET: service to watch a pop3 account & save attachment?

By heavey4 ·
Hi all,
I am trying to find a way of watching for the arrival of emails containing an excel attachment to a pop3 account, and then copy or move the attachment either to a server or local disk.

I am reasonably new to and completely new to working with emails, so all advice is welcome

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Thank you!

by heavey4 In reply to These might be of interes ...

Thank you for your quick reply but these did not really help in this particular instance. The BIG problem is that I can find loads of examples on how to check your mail and send mail but I need this to be able to automatically poll an address and save any new attachments. It will be running as part of a service. It will not need to display sender details, send new or reply emails just download. I know this is a big ask but the only reference I can find to it is 3rd party components which I can't use. If anyone has any ideas I would be most grateful

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by heavey4 In reply to VB.NET: service to watch ...

In case anyone is interested, the solution I used was the dll from
Allows very easy interaction to a pop3 account and has all features I needed.

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