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By brian ·
I want to have a timer start on form load and last 30 seconds (i have set the timer lenght to 30000mils), then after the 30 seconds i would like to close the form and open a different form in the project (like a splash screen of sorts, however not the loading splash screen). I need to do the because the approximate load time for the next form will be 23 seconds on avg b/c of the information it passes from SQL to auto populate all of the information in dropdown boxes, text boxes, etc. I have NEVER worked with timers before so i am looking for the best practice and some example code to do it properly (i have searched the web, but not knowing how to do it properly in the first place, i would like the help of somebody who has in the past). Thank you!

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That's because there is no proper way to do that.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to (VB) Timer questio ...

Given you aren't ready for threading.

What you do is get your main form to throw up the slash screen, kick off the loading code, when it's finished close the splash.

Twenty three seconds to load a form suggests you need to do a bit of work, can't see anyone being happy with that .

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