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VB's Setup and Deployment Wizard

By MaryWeilage Editor ·
This week's Visual Basic e-newsletter discusses a known bug with VB 6's Setup and Deployment Wizard feature. Have you encountered this bug in your development work? If so, do you know of any other workarounds for this bug? Share any helpful hints about VB, XP, or security in our discussion forum.

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by irfan_ms In reply to VB's Setup and Deployment ...

i got the following error in setup created from vb6 PDW while running setup.exe and couldn't able to overcome please suggest me suitable solution
Error:- Cannot start main setup program! (CreateProcess() returned error code 0x000000C1H)

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Undate a file?

by cedpm In reply to VB's Setup and Deployment ...

In describing the error, the article states, "During the setup process, the user is told that some files need to be undated and the system rebooted." I have never heard of a file needing to be undated. Perhaps this should be "updated"? If not, why would a file need to be undated?

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Updated it is.

by peter In reply to Undate a file?

Updated is correct - "undated" was a typo.

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Bu ing the VB PDWizard

by FastTrak In reply to VB's Setup and Deployment ...

I have encountered this bug or what I think is similar. I too develop on XP for all other Window Platforms. The problem occurs when IE6 files are updated over and Previous version and also when the MSVCRT Libraries are replaced. Version 7 is not able to be copied ove version 6 via the setup wizard caousing the infinite loop.

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Can also happen in Win2k

by sharea In reply to VB's Setup and Deployment ...

I experienced the very same issue but the development workstation was Win2k pro SP4 while creating an com dll. When I ran the setup file on a Win2k Server, the endless loop of updating files surfaced. However, about the 5th time I cancelled and the dll worked fine.

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Problem with Vb Deployment Package.

by bobksr In reply to VB's Setup and Deployment ...

I haven't had this problem so far, but why not use the Visual Studio Installer instead? I find it a lot easier to use.

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Not only Win XP and 2K affected

by nguyen_anh_tuan In reply to VB's Setup and Deployment ...

I develop in Win98 SE and got the same error while trying to install app on Windows NT (although I've installed SP6). I've try to find solution on Microsoft web site but could'nt find any thing. After long time "let it be", the package run smoothly without any modification. Any one know the cause and solution?

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