vbscript for date modified

By markw ·
I was wondering if anyone new of or had a vbscript that could be used to browse an intranet sites folders and display the date modified based on the previous versions date? Hope that makes sense.
Basically would like to generate a list of updated documents based on the previous versions modified date.
Can this be done so it displays in IE browser window?
I have minimal scripting knowledge so i may be asking for to much.

Thanks in advance.

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by GMPont In reply to vbscript for date modifie ...

Are you wanting to look at every share on your intranet, or specific PCs/folders? This makes the difference between being tricky and very tricky.

And yes, it can be done in a browser script, although you would probably want to run it as an hta script. I wrote one the other day that does something similar to this, but it checks dates of specific files on separate servers and returns them in an html table. Not super hard, but tricky if you're new to scripting.

Also, if you are looking to compare it to a previously known date, you will need something to compare it to; ie a csv file from a previous run or something similar.

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Intranet shares

by markw In reply to Do-able

thanks for your reply. It would be for every share on the intranet.
I am hoping to display a list of document templates that have been updated so that staff know there has been an update incase they are using the same file but it is one they have saved onto their pc which would make it out of date.
This would mean using the csv file you mentioned. I suppose that would be a script in itself that would need to be run incase new documents were added to the intranet and for any updates to refresh the csv.
Sorry but what is a hta script?

Thanks very much.

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